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Help us deliver diapers to Christians in need this year.

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Matching Gift Fund Supports Diapers This Year

01 September, 2023Posted In : News

Leadership Circle Matching Gift:  The Leadership Circle is a group of Religious Freedom Coalition s READ MORE

Meet Linda: Stories of Those We Support

25 April, 2023Posted In : Uncategorized

Bethlehem Diaper Program: Linda is one of many special needs elderly who receive adult diapers from READ MORE

Suffering Christians in Iraq

09 December, 2022Posted In : News

The Islamic State may be out of the news cycle, but the destruction and suffering they caused in nor READ MORE

Iraq July Mission

24 June, 2022Posted In : News

Iraq July mission: I have not been in Iraq since 2019. Although I have been to the Assyrian areas of READ MORE

Diapers for Refugees in 2022

06 April, 2022Posted In : Uncategorized

Iraq:  Dohuc Iraq is currently our diaper program center. Until the whole Covid-19 uproar, Erbi READ MORE

West Bank Program Update

06 August, 2021Posted In : Uncategorized

Bethlehem and the West Bank: Over the past few months I have referred to our “adult” diaper prog READ MORE

COVID-19 Still Impacting Diaper Program

21 May, 2021Posted In : News

Just as it did during most of 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic continues to create both physical and finan READ MORE

Diapers for Refugees Update

23 March, 2021Posted In : News

Diaper program:  Our Diapers for Refugees program is still curtailed by Covid-19 which is sever READ MORE

Diapers Slow Due to COVID-19, Food Program Arises

12 March, 2021Posted In : Uncategorized

Diapers for Refugees: The Covid-19 situation and continued lockdowns in the Middle East have stalled READ MORE

Diapers for Refugees and COVID-19

20 August, 2020Posted In : Uncategorized

Our Diapers for Refugees program continues to function in most areas other than Iraq, where there ar READ MORE

COVID-19 Impacts on Diaper Program

22 May, 2020Posted In : News

The Coronavirus pandemic has created both physical and financial barriers to our programs to help pe READ MORE

Bethlehem, Diaper Program and the Coronavirus

20 March, 2020Posted In : News , Uncategorized

William and Nancy Murray at the entrance to Grotto of the Nativity New Diaper Program:  The cor READ MORE

Two Million Diapers in 2019

27 November, 2019Posted In : News

Two million diapers in 2019: In September the Lord provided the funds through ministry supporters to READ MORE

Changes in the Diapers for Refugees Program

06 November, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

No diapers this December: As mentioned in a recent newsletter, the Diapers for Refugees program has READ MORE

Shocking Need in Iraq For Special Needs Diapers Even For Young People

03 October, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

Why so many?  Why is there such a horrific need for adult special needs diapers in Iraq? One of READ MORE

The Need for Diapers for Refugees

19 September, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

The Diapers for Refugees program we operate in the Nineveh Plain is an essential program that no oth READ MORE

Program Update

18 June, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

Diapers often increase the overall quality of life for elderly and special needs Christian refugees. READ MORE

Rayan: The Stories of Those We Support

21 May, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

Rayan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (36 ) is a displaced Christian father of a one-year old daughter named Rebeca READ MORE

Intesar: The Stories of Those We Support

16 May, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

Intesar xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (38) , is a paralyzed mother of two and is currently among the many displaced READ MORE

Yara: The Stories of Those We Support

13 May, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

Follow along for a series of The Stories of Those We Support to get a new perspective of the Diapers READ MORE

The Stories of Those We Support

05 April, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

      Diapers for Refugees has been committed to serving the Christian victims of radical Islam s READ MORE

Two Million Diapers in 2019

13 February, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

Two million diapers in 2019:  More help is needed for Christian families on the Biblically importan READ MORE

One Million Diapers in 2018!

08 February, 2019Posted In : Uncategorized

The supporters of the Religious Freedom Coalition propelled the Diapers for Refugees project to a re READ MORE

Two million diapers this year

02 October, 2018Posted In : News , Uncategorized

  The Diaper Ministry:   The Christians of the Nineveh Plain call us the “Diaper Ministry” READ MORE

Diapers for Refugees: One million more diapers this year!

05 September, 2018Posted In : News

  Diapers for Refugees: One million more diapers this year! Good news: I have sent the $35,000 READ MORE

Diaper Program Expanded!

27 June, 2018Posted In : Uncategorized

More Christian refugees to be helped :  I arrived in the Middle East on June 14 th at the end of Ra READ MORE

Doubling the Diaper Program in Iraq

18 May, 2018Posted In : Uncategorized

Doubling the Diaper Program in Iraq :  Our recent poll of supporters currently gives the Diapers fo READ MORE

Qaraqosh Diaper Distribution

07 February, 2018Posted In : News

    While many families have been able to return  to their destroyed homes in the Nineveh Plain, READ MORE

Double the size of the Diaper program – Is it possible!

11 January, 2018Posted In : News

 by William J. Murray - Program Director  Chairman William Murray traveled to Iraq to help with th READ MORE

Diaper program forced to expand in Iraq

08 December, 2017Posted In : News

Need increases as Christian families return to Nineveh Plain Displaced Iraqi Christian women receive READ MORE

Major problems for our Iraqi missions programs

20 October, 2017Posted In : News

By William J. Murray, Chairman Girls hold diapers distributed by our Diapers for Refugees program Th READ MORE

Report from Iraq: Diaper Distribution

24 July, 2017Posted In : News

By William J. Murray Jihadists threaten compound:  The first June distribution for Diapers for Refu READ MORE

My Observations of the June Diaper Distribution in Iraq

18 July, 2017Posted In : News

By: William J. Murray Distribution at four camps in June:  During my inspection trip to Iraq, diape READ MORE

June Diaper Delivery Updates

22 June, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

Mothers and children waiting in line for diapers. We are currently in our second diaper distribution READ MORE

June Delivery is Underway

21 June, 2017Posted In : News

This month, Chairman William J. Murray traveled to Iraq to oversee the second diaper delivery of the READ MORE

WE WON – HR-390 has passed in the HOUSE

07 June, 2017Posted In : News

Your post cards and calls to Congress did the job!  HR-390, the  Iraq and Syria Genocide Emergency READ MORE

Diapers for Refugees Continues to Help Christian Refugees in Iraq

30 May, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

March kicked off the 2017 Diapers for Refugees delivery program in Iraq. Our ministry partners in Ir READ MORE

Front Line: Inside Iraqi Soldiers’ Anti-IS War

10 May, 2017Posted In : News

The walkie-talkie in the commander’s hand buzzes and crackles as soldiers line up their humvees an READ MORE

Diapers for Refugees Program Expands in Small But Important Way

21 April, 2017Posted In : News

March diaper distribution marks start of year two: In March more than $18,000 was transferred to our READ MORE

New Christian refugees arriving in Erbil, Iraq camps

16 March, 2017Posted In : News

By William J. Murray Camps for displaced persons swelling during Mosul assault: Over the last two we READ MORE

Iraq 101: Iraq who’s fighting who?

28 February, 2017Posted In : News

Everything You Need to Know About Iraq in Under 10 Minutes Recently returned from war-torn Iraq, Cla READ MORE

December 2016 Delivery

05 January, 2017Posted In : News

Two children pose with diapers given to their family. In December, the Diapers for Refugees program READ MORE

What Christians are Finding In the Nineveh Plain

04 January, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

Christians who are now returning to their homes in areas of the Nineveh Plains liberated from the Is READ MORE

Looking Ahead

28 December, 2016Posted In : News

Christians face greater oppression today than under Saddam Hussain. Christian families in areas of I READ MORE

Many Iraqi Christians Unable to Return Home for Christmas

12 December, 2016Posted In : News

Inside the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh, Iraq, on 30 October 2016. The town of Qa READ MORE

September and October 2016 Diaper Delivery to Displaced Christian Families in Iraq

14 October, 2016Posted In : News

A group of women pose with their children after receiving their diaper supply. The Diapers for Refug READ MORE

Gearing up for September 2016 Delivery

09 August, 2016Posted In : News

Our Diapers for Refugees program is gearing up to deliver our third shipment of high quality disposa READ MORE