Mothers and children waiting in line for diapers.

We are currently in our second diaper distribution of the year! Our ministry partners in Iraq are continuing to roll out diapers from our first distribution. This month already, five more Christian refugee camps received diaper and sanitary pads.

On June 16, 90 families received 2 packs of diapers per child, totaling 180 diaper packs distributed. At this camp, 192 packs of female sanitary pads were delivered along with 12 packs of adult diapers. Later that day in another camp, 220 children each received two packs of diapers. 28 feminine sanitary pads were delivered as were 72 packs of adult diapers.

On June 16 in another area of Iraq, 55 Christian families in a refugee camp received two packs of diapers, totaling 110 packs. 104 packs of women’s sanitary pads were delivered along with 24 packs of adult diapers.

The next day, June 17, 660 packs of diapers were distributed to 330 children. 672 feminine sanitary pad packs were delivered and distributed and 24 packs of adult diapers were distributed as well.

On June 18, 130 families received diapers for their children. Those in need of adult diapers received two packs each, totaling 12 packs. At this camp, 130 families received food packages, that contained 16 food items, and hygiene packages that contained 16 cleaning items.

Christian refugee mothers desperately need diapers for their babies – Please help

The Diapers for Refugees program is currently delivering 160,000 high quality disposable diapers to Christian families in northern Iraq every three months. The cost of a single shipment of diapers is $18,000. This cost has remained stable since the start of the program in 2016. The cost per diaper is only 11 cents each.

Please help us as we strive to reach out goal of 640,000 diapers delivered to Christian families in need in 2017.

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