Diapers for Refugees Continues to Help Christian Refugees in Iraq

26 May, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

March kicked off the 2017 Diapers for Refugees delivery program in Iraq. Our ministry partners in Ir READ MORE

With Genocide, Words Are Not Enough

21 March, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

Last year, former Secretary of State Kerry declared that ISIS is committing genocide against Christi READ MORE

Iraq 101: Christians and Other Religious Minorities

02 March, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

The latest in Clarion's series explaining the situation in Iraq. This time a look at the religious g READ MORE

Gearing Up For Our First Delivery of 2017

22 February, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

The Diapers for Refugees program is preparing for the first diaper delivery of 2017 in March. The ai READ MORE

What Christians are Finding In the Nineveh Plain

04 January, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

Christians who are now returning to their homes in areas of the Nineveh Plains liberated from the Is READ MORE

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