Diapers for Refugees

13 May, 2016
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In February of this year the director of the ministry we partner with in Iraq visited Washington, DC and we talked about expanding the Christmas program and urgent needs for Christians displaced from their homes by the Islamic State. The need for diapers was reaffirmed. The need for baby diapers is urgent, even desperate among displaced Iraqi Christians.

I tried various options that included shipping diapers made in America from Norfolk, Virginia to Turkey and the then by land to northern Iraq. I immediately ran into to problems. First a 40 foot container would cost $8,000 plus the cost of the diapers. Secondly there is a huge backlog of containers in at the Turkish border caused by the continued fighting. Finally we located a distributor in Iraq willing to sell large lots diapers to us at cost. We were able to obtain our first 30 foot truck of about 150,000 diapers the fist week of March. Rather than an option cloth diapers are a problem. Most displaced Christian families have no hot water and no washing machines. Cloth diapers must be washed outside in cold water and often without soap. For now disposable diapers are the best option.

On March 8th we delivered a 30-foot truck load of the new high quality diapers to the ministry warehouse in Ankawa, Iraq. Within days, families in need were registered and the distribution began at five different locations. As I visit with congressmen and Senators on Capitol Hill I will remind them of the suffering of these Christian families that has come about because of a Sunni inspired war against the Syrian government – a war which to this day the Obama Administration supports.

I want to start by delivering one 30 foot truck every three months to start. Please help by donating to the “diapers for refugees” project at the Religious Freedom Coalition’s donation page.

Your donation will be tax deductible.

The misery of these families affects me deeply when I am in Iraq, particularly the children which is why I began the ChristmasforRefugees program. Now babies are being helped with clean diapers. We have begun the diaper project … CAN WE KEEP IT GOING? That is up to Christians in the United States who care about the plight of their brothers and sisters in the Middle East who face persecution.

The diaper program is one that is much needed today and will continue to be needed until the day these Christian families can return to their homes in what is now Islamic State held territory or are relocated.

William J. Murray, Chairman
Diapers for Refugees


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